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    August 8 2022
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    August 8 2022

For more than 15 years, we have served industries as diverse as:

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STI Trans Inc. is a local and over-the-road flatbed trucking company where we know our success depends upon your trust.

That’s why we’re dedicated to responsive, reliable and cost-effective trucking solutions for industries throughout the Midwest.

We handle LTL “less than truckload” shipments as easily as 49,000- to 52,000-pound loads. With more than two decades of experience in the trucking industry, we can easily and quickly acquire the right permits for oversize and overweight shipments.

We are experts in intermodal and blind shipments. We provide timely, efficient and problem-free point-to-point deliveries that prevent down time, no matter where the material is being delivered: to job sites, manufacturing plants or retail centers, which in turn means everyone saves time and money.

STI Trans recently purchased a new fleet of lighter, all-aluminum trailers, allowing us to haul heavier loads. A maximum capacity of 52,000 pounds per truck means fewer partial shipments and more material in your hands when you need it. And that means more material on the trucks, reduced freight costs, and less time spent waiting for your material.

We emphasize ongoing client communication, preventive planning and a relentless dedication to accuracy in every shipping job. Our experienced drivers are responsible for confirming every shipment before we load. That means:

  • Correct quantities
  • No deliveries of wrong, damaged or rusted materials
  • Prompt deliveries that minimize warehouse and transportation costs for our clients

In addition, we offer prompt and thorough local snow removal services, and through Strategic Logistics, we provide third-party logistics (3PL) services to the 48 continental states.

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