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Lumber Freight

From raw materials to finished wood, S.T.I. Trans, Inc. offers safe, economical and efficient transport of lumber for retail and construction clients. We deliver raw lumber from boat docks on the Mississippi to lumber yards, hardware stores, and builders throughout the Midwest. Our drivers have the years of experience and expertise to manage the process of loading, unloading and securing all lumber materials quickly and without damage before, during and after transport.

Whether it is hardwood flooring, studs or trusses, wood can be easily damaged by weather, the loading and unloading process, or the shifting of lumber while on the road. That’s where S.T.I.’s experience pays off for our clients. All our trucks are equipped with lumber tarps, tie-downs and edge protectors, and our experienced drivers can handle the most challenging loads easily and safely.

For both LTL and full truckload shipments, our lightweight aluminum flatbeds allow us to deliver up to 52,000 pounds easily and inexpensivelyWe also regularly obtain permits for oversize and overweight shipments.

With proactive communication, our clients never have to wonder what is going on with their shipment, when it will arrive, or whether the load itself is accurate. That means a valuable savings of time and money that can improve everyone’s bottom-line results, whether you are a contractor at a work site or a lumber yard’s logistics manager.

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