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Nursery Freight

From large trees to small shrubs, S.T.I. Trans, Inc.’s nursery services are designed to efficiently and safely deliver plants and landscaping materials to construction sites, landscaping companies, and retail stores. With the survival of living commodities at stake, S.T.I. Trans, Inc. puts an increased emphasis on careful and fast delivery. All our trucks and flatbeds are equipped with nursery tarps, which we use to prevent harmful or fatal wind burn, and we will not leave with your load until everything’s safely secured to withstand even the roughest ride.

We provide open communication with our clients and we coordinate with general contractors, eliminating worries and scheduling concerns while saving money with on-time delivery throughout the Midwest. And with more than 5,000 dependable and safe trucking lines, our third-party logistics (3PL) company – Strategic Logistics – allows us to quickly and efficiently deliver your critical nursery stock within the 48 continental states.

Whether you are shipping hearty trees or delicate shrubbery from the East or West coasts, S.T.I. Trans, Inc. has the experience to deliver nursery stock in the best health for successful planting. Request a quote today!


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