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3 Bad Weather Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Truck stuck after driving in bad weather

Driving in rough weather conditions is dangerous for every motorist on the road – from those driving SUVs to people in sedans. However, bad weather is particularly treacherous for professional truck drivers in massive rigs. Just imagine driving a vehicle weighing several tons through storms, blizzards, and high winds. Following bad weather safety tips is important for every motorist, especially professional truck drivers.

Truck drivers must already hold themselves to higher standards for practicing safety precautions even in ideal driving weather. They should take things up a notch and ensure they are particularly careful about driving safely in extreme weather conditions.

At S.T.I. Trans, we’re particular about keeping safety a top priority on our team. We have created this post to share critical bad weather safety tips for truck drivers that you should follow if you ever face extreme weather on the road.

1. Driving in High Winds

When you’re driving a rig that weighs more than 70,000 pounds, you might not think high-speed winds will be of any concern. However, strong winds are more dangerous than you might assume. Driving a large rig means you are in a vehicle with plenty of surface area. Strong headwinds might not be a major issue, but crosswinds with enough speed can blow your truck off the road.

If you face high-speed crosswinds, we highly recommend finding a safe space to park your vehicle and waiting it out. Ideally, you should find a truck stop and a parking spot between two other vehicles to protect your vehicle from blowing over.

2. Driving in Heavy Snow

You must always check the weather forecasts before heading out. Suppose the forecast predicts a snowstorm. In that case, you must keep tire chains in your vehicle and have them ready to deploy if you face snowy roads. Be sure to take more warm clothes with you in the winter if you are ever stuck on the road.

If you are driving through an ongoing snowstorm, we recommend checking the forecasts to see how long it will last. Depending on the severity of the situation, finding a safe space to park your vehicle might be best instead of driving through poor visibility.

3. Driving in Freezing Rain

Driving in the rain during winter is one of the worst weather conditions you can face as a professional truck driver. Heavy rain affects visibility and makes driving conditions more dangerous as the rainwater on the roads turns into ice. Keeping a truck under control on icy roads is next to impossible.

We highly recommend keeping a temperature gauge in your rig when driving to check the temperature outside. If you start seeing ice forming on the windshield or your gauge tells you that the outside temperature is falling below freezing levels, you should move off the road immediately. Waiting for things to improve is too dangerous in icy conditions.

Working with a team of experienced professionals in the industry can give you more opportunities to learn bad weather safety tips and much more from your colleagues. If you want to work with a team that cares and have at least two years of experience driving your rig, consider contacting us. We’d love to discuss the opportunity to become part of the S.T.I. Trans family.

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