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Tips for Driving a Curtain Side Trailer in Windy Conditions

Curtain side trailer driving

Trucking is an industry that never sleeps. Hundreds, if not thousands, of professional truck drivers are on the open road hauling cargo across the country at any given time. If you have only recently acquired your CDL, you might not have much experience driving through rough conditions. There is no avoiding challenging driving conditions. You might find yourself hauling a curtain side trailer and driving through high-speed winds at some point in your career.

High-speed winds can be dangerous if you don’t practice proper care. Driving curtain siders through such conditions does not only pose a danger to yourself. It also puts your cargo and other motorists at risk.

We’ve created this post to share essential tips for driving a curtain side trailer in windy conditions to help you stay safe on the open road.

Essential Safety Tips for Driving Curtain Side Trailers in Windy Conditions

1. Do Not Ignore High-Speed Winds

Fast moving trucks are likelier to tip over when driving through high winds. If you start experiencing high-speed winds on the open road, you should slow down your speed and maintain a long distance from vehicles ahead of you. It might be wise to stop your vehicle and wait if the winds are too strong.

2. Be Mindful of the Laws

Several states have different laws concerning driving through rough weather conditions. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has regulations set in place for driving in hazardous conditions. You should be aware of the laws and follow the regulations regarding driving during dangerous weather conditions.

3. Is Your Truck Heavy Enough?

Heavier trucks are less likely to tip over when driving through high-speed winds. Likewise, a truck hauling an empty curtain side trailer might be likelier to tip over when the winds are strong. When driving through such conditions, you should consider slowing down or stopping your vehicle based on the weight of your vehicle.

4. Identify Your Sail Area

Semi-trucks are more susceptible to the impact of high-speed winds than smaller vehicles because they have a larger surface area that the wind is pushing against. Trucks also experience greater air pressure above, under, and on the sides. The greater your vehicle’s speed, the more significant the impact of winds will be. Being mindful of your vehicle’s sail area and adjusting your speed accordingly is crucial to staying safe on the road.

5. Always be Mindful of the Weather

Always check the weather conditions when planning your route. It might not be possible to get an accurate idea of where you will experience stormy weather. However, checking the weather forecasts can give you a good estimate of the weather conditions you might face.

Carefully driving your vehicle during high winds is essential to stay safe and avoid putting others at risk. Keep these tips in mind when driving a curtain side trailer in windy conditions. If you found this post informative, there’s plenty more where that came from. Keep following our blog to read more interesting posts to help professional truck drivers perform better at their jobs.

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