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3 Reasons Millennials Should Join the Trucking Industry

Professional truck driver

Millennials are slowly becoming the largest demographic in the country. Many millennials are already part of the workforce, and more are reaching that age. As a growing number of new professionals search for careers across different industries, many millennials are facing issues finding jobs.

Not many millennials consider the prospect of becoming a professional truck driver. However, it is an industry that could be perfect for millennials due to several reasons. Today’s post will discuss some of the most important reasons millennials should join the trucking industry to help you understand why.

1. It is an In-Demand Profession

The American Trucking Association (ATA) estimated that 2021 would see a shortage of 80,000 truck drivers. As trucking professionals from the baby boomer generation continue to retire, the number will only get higher. The lack of diversity in gender and backgrounds are also reasons contributing to the shortfall, and the industry needs new professionals to fulfil the demand. Becoming a licensed truck driver and working with the right transportation company can give you excellent job security.

2. It is a Well-Paying Profession

If you think that commercial drivers don’t earn a lot, you would be mistaken. Glass Door estimates that a professional truck driver earns around $79,100 per year in the US. The estimate does not account for bonuses, insurance, 401(k), and other benefits you stand to enjoy when working with the right company. An in-demand profession, becoming a professional truck driver also means enjoying excellent pay.

3. Qualifications Do Not Take Long

Most jobs in in-demand fields with a good starting salary have substantial requirements to qualify and land the job. Investing a ton of money over four years to qualify for a high-paying job can be too time-taking and expensive. Fortunately, becoming a professional truck driver does not require the same amount of time or money.

Getting good training and education and acquiring a Class-A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) takes a few weeks to a couple of months. Whether this is the first career you are pursuing, or you are switching from another industry, becoming a truck driver is more accessible than many other fields that pay as well as being a professional truck driver does.

Do You Want to Start a Lucrative Career as a Professional Truck Driver?

Getting compensated well, enjoying decent benefits, the convenience of flexibility, and becoming part of something bigger are only a few of the reasons it is the perfect time to consider becoming a professional truck driver.

If you are a millennial who wants to start earning money through an in-demand profession that can help you secure a strong financial future for yourself, it will make sense to get the right start to your career working with the best in the business.

The S.T.I. Trans, Inc. team comprises professionals with over two decades in trucking. We are here to work with you and help you enjoy a successful career, working with top industry professionals for a great start. Contact us to find out how you can become part of the S.T.I. Trans team.

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